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How does Photo Sanne work?

I work digitally. All photos I take are sent digitally and in high resolution. You recieve the photo's in colour and black-white. You can have the photos you want printed, as large, as small and as often as you want. You do not owe me any costs for repeat orders, you arrange all this yourself. I used to put them on a USB stick, but digital is much easier. If desired, I can put it on a USB stick at extra cost.

How can I make an appointment?

You can contact me by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call me on: 0032222313102 or by WhatsApp. Your e-mail will always be answered within one day.

How many photos do we get?

I find it difficult to indicate exactly how many photos you will receive, it also depends entirely on the photo shoot. I make as many as I need and when I'm sure I've got everyone right. That can vary, sometimes around 250, other times around 500 photos. You understand that when you come with a big family I take more pictures than when I take pictures of a couple or a maternity shoot or new born shoot.

Are the photos edited?

All photos you receive have been edited, everything has been checked for light, dark and contrast and adjusted where necessary. I don't edit the photos as in retouching a pimple on the face, bags under the eyes etc.

Family Photography / Group Photography

Tips for the most beautiful locations

My favorite locations to take pictures are the dunes and the beach near the lighthouse. The jetty in the north of the island. Beautiful dunes near De Koog. But other locations on Texel are also beautiful and I am happy to take up the challenge for a beautiful report on or near your accommodation. Depending on the time that we are going to do the photo shoot, I take into account the position of the sun and the wind in my advice.

How long does a family photo session last?

Depending on the group size and the variation in photos. For example: pictures parents separately, children separately, grandchildren together, etc., etc. Usually we manage that between 45 minutes an hour and an hour.

One of the family members has difficulty walking or is in a wheelchair. What's possible?

If someone from your family or group has difficulty walking or walks with a walker or is in a wheelchair, that is no problem for me. In consultation we choose a suitable location and we take into account the possibilities and impossibilities of the person.

What will we do if it rains?

If the weather is bad at the time of the photo shoot and it rains or we blow away, we have already been in contact before that time. I'd rather not stand in the rain myself. Especially in the spring, autumn and winter it is sometimes useful/necessary to postpone the appointment. Then I will contact you the day before or on the morning itself and we will make a plan for that day or the day after and we will move where my agenda and your agenda allows. It is always possible to find a dry moment during your stay on the island.

Wedding photography

Are we legally aloud to marry on Texel?

It is not possible to legally get married on Texel if you are not residents of the Netherlands. Most people get married legally in their home country and will have the wedding celebration on the Island. A cermonial speaker is klik Harriët Bödicker.

How long does it take to take wedding photos?

Usually I count on two hours with a slack at the end of half an hour so we can run a little bit longer. It is customary to take the photos before the official part. In terms of time, we also take the location of the location into account, for example the lighthouse in the North is a bit away and costs some extra time if you also want to go to, for example, to the beach of Paal 9 in the South of the Island.

Tips for locations?

Steigertje van Sil, near the lighthouse. Bunker Loodsmansduin. Outside the dike beach at De Cocksdorp. Outside the dike jetty near Oudeschild. Beach. Dunes of the Bleekers Valley. Dunes at the lighthouse.

How many locations do we go to?

I usually recommend three locations, which gives a nice diversity and prevents us from rushing in the time we have. By the way, you choose where we will take pictures.

What is useful to take with you on the wedding shoot?

My tip is always to take some food and drink with you. Usually people don't get that much in in the morning and as soon as we go on a report and the first stress has been, a sandwich or something to drink is nice. In addition, I recommend that you bring matching umbrellas if it starts to rain. And for the brides, handy shoes to wear when we go for a walk on the beach or in the dunes. I also always find it nice and useful if you take someone on a report for hand-and-span services.

How long will the photographer stay?

Usually the day for me starts at the end of the haircut and putting on the dress and picking up the bride, then we go on the reportage, the official part and often after that the cake and group photos. When that's over my day is usually over, because I always say food and party people in pictures don't look their best. I usually come back for pictures of the sunset and then take some atmospheric pictures of the party location. Of course it is otherwise possible in consultation.

What can you arrange for the wedding?

Contact me and we can make an appointment and go through your planning if you want.

What is there to arrange after the wedding?

Just enjoy, usually the same evening or the next day I will put your photos on USB stick, you can come and get it or I will bring it.

Is there a photo book included?

If you want a photo book, I'll be happy to make it for you. I work with digital photo albums, but you can also do this yourself. If you want this, discuss the options with me.

Which wedding locations are there on Texel?

At the moment, on Texel, you can get married anywhere, on the beach, in the lighthouse, an old traditional sheep farm or outside in nature.

Who is the Best Wedding Officiant on Texel?

That's not a question for me to answer; it ultimately depends on who you find to be the best wedding officiant for your special day. For more information about the wedding officiants on Texel, click here for Harriët Bödicker. Click here for an overview and introduction to all the Texel wedding officiants from the municipality of Texel.

Pregnancy Photos

What is the perfect time to make photo of your pregnancy?

The longer you are pregnant, the bigger the belly, the best pictures are from 36 weeks. If you wait too long, you may not have any pregnancy photos and have already given birth. As soon as the belly has grown nicely, I take beautiful pictures.

Gender reveal or photos for the birth card?

Of course we can do the gender reveal during the photo shoot. Sometimes there is an enverlop from the midwife, sometimes a cake with filling or a confetti cannon or smoke cannon.

If you want to use the photos for the birth announcement, you probably have ideas about that. Write the name in the sand, does your son or daughter give a kiss on your big belly in the studio? Everything is possible

What is the difference between photo's in nature and studio?

Both are beautiful but it's a very different atmosphere. If you do not come from Texel, I would opt for photos in Texel nature, you will immediately have a lasting fond memory of your stay on Texel while you are pregnant. In the photos on location, you are completely in the photo, whether or not together with your partner. Photos in the studio are mainly photos of the naked belly.

How long will it take in the studio?

Depending on the wishes, three quarters of an hour and an hour.

Which different color backgrounds are there?

You can choose from a black or white background. Think of clothes on black on black and white on white, the focus is then mainly on your stomach. You indicate in advance which background you want.

Borrow maternity dresses

Foto Sanne has beautiful maternity dresses from the American brand Mii Estilo. A sand colored one with a body and a tulle top, a stylish tight black one with turtleneck and long sleeves and a pink lace with V neck and long sleeves. If you want to borrow a dress, indicate it before the photo shoot. Of course this also applies to the photo shoots on location!

New Born / studio photography

When is the best time to make the photo's?

I prefer to take the pictures as soon as possible, because your daughter or son still sleeps a lot. Later on, of course, but just wait and see your child grows very quickly and especially the very small one is beautiful to capture.

How long does a newborn photoshoot take?

Depending on the little one, it is difficult to say, your son and daughter will sleep well and if they are satisfied, we will be done in an hour. However, it can also take longer, the main thing is that it is a pleasant experience for your child and that we do everything in a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere.

What can you bring to the newborn shoot?

I always recommend to have your favorite clothes clean and a small hug from your child. If I take a picture with a hug, preferably a hug from yourself.

Photoshoot in studio or your accommodation?

It's both possible, I have a mobile studio that I can take with me or we take the photos in my studio. We will decide this in consultation.

Professional newborn wraps and props.

I have various professional wraps and cloths for your baby that we can use. I also have different colors background. In consultation we decide during the photo shoot what you like and we get to work together. I also have the option to take pictures of your baby with your hands on a black background.

Photo on birth card?

If you want to use a photo for your birth announcement, I will come to you on the day of the birth, you will receive the digital photos the same day.


What color backgrounds are available for studio photos?

Beige, white, and black are available, all of which are timeless and generally produce the most beautiful and personal results.

How many people can fit in the studio?

The studio can accommodate a maximum of two adults or three to four children, or a family with two children. For larger groups, I recommend taking photos outdoors in natural settings.

How long does a studio photo session take?

The duration of a studio photo session usually ranges between 45 minutes and an hour, depending on the child or children involved.

What should I bring?

You can bring various sets of clothes for yourself, and for any children involved, please bring some of their own toys.

Farewell photography

Funeral photography

Farewell photography provides a cherished memory for now and later... and is invaluable... because images last. I can take photos of your loved one prior to the funeral. During the funeral, I can capture images of the farewell service and burial, if you wish.

Your wishes are central

I carefully inventory your wishes. This can be done in a personal conversation, or it can also be done through your funeral guide who communicates your wishes to me.

What are the foremost moments you would like captured in images? The coffin with flowers at home or at the funeral center, the closing of the coffin and carrying it out, the condolence or wake, the funeral itself, and possibly the gathering afterwards.

Secondly, there may also be attendees who specifically do not want to be photographed or those who are particularly important for you to capture.

To understand your wishes, I only need half a word, and I understand grief from within. I do not chase after tears but will very sensitively and subtly photograph your precious moments.

Isn't it disruptive to have a photographer present?

I try my best to be as "unobtrusive" as possible while creating beautiful memories by capturing the farewell in images.

Get in touch

You can contact me directly, or your funeral center can also get in touch with me.

Why do I offer farewell photography?

Sometimes farewells come unexpectedly, and you may be living in a haze. Photos can help you later and serve as a cherished memory. It is an honor to be present as a photographer. After various photo reports of funerals for children, fathers, mothers, grandparents, I know from experience how much the photos can mean during the grieving process and later as a cherished memory.

My experience with photos surrounding a stillborn child is the reason why I offer my services as a photographer free of charge to take these family photos.

Stillborn child

If your child has passed away during pregnancy or around the time of birth, I offer you a photo report free of charge. I will capture the most cherished memories with great love for you. This can be done at home or in the hospital. Often, these are the only visual memories parents have.

In the hospital, I received full cooperation as a photographer and we were given all the time needed to take the photos. If the mother is not allowed to leave the hospital in the short term, it may be wise to take the photos there. Of course, it can also be done in your home setting, whatever you prefer.

Contact regarding stillborn child

You may contact me directly, or as a family member, you can approach me. Your midwife or the hospital can also get in touch with me.