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Marrige proposal

Huwelijksaanzoek op Texel
Huwelijksaanzoek in de vuurtoren op  Texel
Huwelijksaanzoek in de winter op strand Texel
Huwelijksaanzoek bij de vuurtoren op Texel
Huwelijksaanzoek vuurtoren Texel
Huwelijksaanzoek op de vuurtoren van Texel
Huwelijksaanzoek op het strand Texel
Huwelijksaanzoek op Texel
Huwelijksaanzoek in de duinen bij de vuurtoren op Texel
Huwelijksaanzoek op de steiger van Waddenveer De Vriendschap op Texel

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Huwelijksaanzoek op Texel

Marriage Proposal in Texel

The time has come; you want to propose to your partner in Texel. What could be more beautiful than capturing this special moment and making it a cherished memory? Often, I'm in on the secret, and as a photographer in Texel, I, Sanne, already have the engagement ring in my camera bag. During the photo shoot, I create a moment for the proposal to take place. Sometimes I'm discreetly positioned on the beach or in the dunes, secretly capturing the proposal, and then continue to capture the love between you two. Moving, affectionate, with both smiles and tears. It's an honor to be present as a photographer.

Proposal Process in Texel

She said YES! I, Foto Sanne, captured the photos, and often afterwards, the ring is placed on the finger. Then, there's usually a moment to enjoy, to look into each other's eyes, and for both of you to realize that you're getting married. Once you're both ready, we take more photos with the ring on the finger to celebrate your successful proposal in Texel. After the photo shoot, you will receive all the photos in color, digitally, in their original size.

Huwelijksaanzoek op Texel - fotograaf Texel
Huwelijksaanzoek op prieel op strand van Texel

Location for Proposal in Texel

Where do you want to propose to your significant other? By a beautiful gazebo on the beach, set up just for you by "Trouwen op Texel." In Texel, we have stunning locations, on the beach, in the dunes, with the lighthouse in the background. On or near the jetty of Waddenveer De Vriendschap. Note: the jetty is not on the beach year-round; in winter, only the poles remain in the sand. Or will you both jump out of a plane and propose after landing? Anything is possible!

Basic Package

  • Photo shoot on location
  • Color photos
  • All photos available for digital download


Deluxe Package

  • Photo shoot on location
  • Color and black/white photos
  • All photos available for digital download

- Most booked package


Review from happy customers

  • I wanted to propose to my girlfriend and record it. I asked Sanne to photograph the marriage proposal on Texel. She also contributed ideas for the proposal. Come on, a successful day and a very nice photographer, definitely someone to recommend.

    Marrige proposal Texel


  • Sanne is really great! We recently had a photo shoot of our engagement. All the photos of the marriage proposal on Texel turned out super fun! You see the real emotion in every photo, the photos tell the story, so to speak. Sanne is cheerful and honest. We will definitely ask Sanne for our wedding!

    Weddingproposal Texel


  • Sanne captured the marriage proposal fantastically. The photos turned out beautiful and we are still enjoying them.

    Marriage proposal Texel


  • Marriage proposal on Texel! What a wonderful experience we had with Sanne. From secretly planning the proposal to the photo session afterwards, very fun and professional. Highly recommended. Thank you for helping make this day special.

    Melvin & Naomi
    Marriage proposal Texel